The Beauty of a Garden Party

During the late Victorian era, an elaborate and lavish garden party was an entertaining social affair. England was considered the land for garden parties, with its turf of velvet softness, splendid old oaks, and its sculptured landscape gardening.


In the neighborhood of New York, very charming garden parties were given at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and at the picturesque Governor’s Island. The garden party was considered a necessity up the Hudson River and all along the coast of Long Island during the summer months. The owner of a fine summer place was expected to allow those who must stay in the city at least one sniff of his roses and newly mown grass.


Taking it for granted that the garden party would be outdoors, the hostess received her guests on the lawn, wearing her hat or bonnet. The carriages, however, first arrived at the door so the ladies could go upstairs to deposit their wraps, brush off the dust, and rearrange their costumes if they wished. A servant would be in attendance to then show the guest to that part of the grounds where the hostess was receiving. Ladies always wore their bonnets at a garden party and, combined with their long dresses, made a charming panorama on the grass and under the trees.


In today’s world (except at the Buckingham Palace), garden parties have become picnics and the dress code is anything goes as long as everything important is covered.


I decided to do virtual Garden Parties every weekend for the A+ Moms. I did this in the hopes that moms will take the time to recognize their beauty and take time for more self-care.


During these garden parties, we discuss our successes and our challenges. These garden parties, which last 90 minutes, are a wonderful group setting for moms personal development.


WE would love to have you join us.  This will be an investment into your life and your family’s life.  


$197.00 per month for 4 groups sessions – that is six hours with Arizona Lowe, a CTA Certified Life Coach and AIW Certified Child Coach.  

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